Upcoming class for STEM faculty interested in public outreach

October 10, 2014 by Claudia Scholz

The founders of the Scifund Challenge will sponsor a month-long online class for science faculty interested in using video to reach the public.  It looks like a great opportunity for learning and networking, if you can commit 5 hours/week to the class.  The deadline to apply is October 31.

Video Outreach 101 for Scientists: engaging the public with your science through video (class details and application)

Cost: FREE (but see below for required equipment for the class). However, we aren’t just giving this course away. Course participants must pledge to share what they have learned with their colleagues.

When: November 2nd-December 13, 2014 (five week course over six weeks skipping Thanksgiving week, week of November 23rd).

Where: The Internet! This course will be highly interactive and will take place largely through short videos, Google Hangouts, blog posts, and Twitter.

Who: Active scientists in any country in any discipline at any level (from graduate student to emeritus professor to government scientist to NGO scientist). This course is intended for scientists who are new to using video for outreach, but are interested in getting started with it.

How the class works: each week, participants will be given a new assignment that is partially done alone and partially with others in the class. In short, this class is highly collaborative!

What course participants will gain from the course:

Understanding of how to communicate their science in a manner that is compelling to a general audience.

Basic comprehension of the key elements needed to make a short film, such as storyboarding, script writing, editing, and lighting.

Confidence to get started with video outreach.

A short video about their research.

Time that course participants should expect to spend on course: About 5 hours per week. Please note that this course is going to take time for participants. If you don’t expect that you will have the time, please don’t apply.


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