Time to form a writing group!

November 4, 2014 by Claudia Scholz

Yesterday OSP announced that we’ll be be posting every workday in November in support of Academic Writing Month.  A key feature of AcWriMo is to make the often solitary act of writing into a public and social affair.  AcWriMo participants publicly declare their writing goals and use social media to talk about writing.

One way to support our writing efforts year-round is to establish writing groups.  Such groups take at least three forms:

  • Accountability groups meet or check-in with each other to share their writing goals, successes and failures.  The idea of such groups is to hold each other accountable for working toward goals.  This can be very important in forming new habits around writing.
  • Write-ins” are meetings for people to actually do writing (as opposed to talking about it).  Some people find it easier to write in a coffee shop or with other writers around.
  • Critique groups read and give feedback on each other’s work, usually featuring one member at each meeting.  Such groups require a little more organization and a significant level of trust among members.

Here are some pieces I’ve collected about academic/faculty writing groups.